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Bespoke Professional Services At Affordable Prices


JacksonMoorcrafts are proud to be a political consultancy that offers bespoke professional services tailored to help our clients achieve their objectives.  We are proud of our record and know what we do works. 


However, we strongly believe bespoke and professional should not be code for exclusive and expensive.  A core principle at JacksonMoorcrafts is that all individuals, businesses and charitable organisations should be able to benefit from our expertise and our pricing structure has been deliberately designed to be flexible and affordable. 


Affordable pricing opens our services to all; flexible pricing means our clients are always in full control at all stages of our work with them. 


JacksonMoorcrafts offers the vast majority of our services using one of the following fee structures.


Retainer – JacksonMoorcrafts offers our clients the opportunity to retain our services.  Unlike most political strategy and public relations consultancies, our retainers can be agreed on a monthly basis, although longer term and rolling retainers are also available.


Bespoke – JacksonMoorcrafts offers our clients the opportunity to commission our services on a one off basis.  We will quote you for the price of offering a given service and agree with you in advance of commencing our work what success is so we both have a defined point to work to. 


Day or half day rates – JacksonMoorcrafts offers our clients the opportunity to commission our services in half day or daily time slots.  We bill our clients at the end of every month for the time that we have worked. 


Bespoke professional services at affordable prices – That’s doing politics differently.